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Industrial safety supply leader

Vic Safety Incorporated
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Family owned and operated since 1981, VIC Safety Inc. has been an industrial supply leader and has provided the rapidly changing Canadian marketplace with quality products, world-class service, and a knowledgeable staff.  Our extensive product lines currently include a full line of safety and medical supplies, shipping and warehousing materials, janitorial and sanitary products, and fire protection equipment.  

VIC Safety on customer relationships.  Over the past 25 years our organization has grown under the premise, "Take Care of the Customer."   This foundation allows us to better reach our goal and raise the standards in our field.  To attain our goals, we are constantly striving to help our customers consolidate their purchasing functions and support this vital function through the use of competitive pricing  and swift service without ever having to sacrifice the quality of our products.  Our easy to deal with customer service resprsentatives and order desk clerks are always there to answer any question you may have.

How is it that we help your company become more efficient?  As a single source supplier we can help your organization to consolidate your supplier base.  This gives your company an advantage as you strive to be as productive as possible.  Having a single source supplier lets you focus on being more productive instead of tracking numerous incoming shipments from a variety of suppliers.  Our 25 years of experience allows our account representatives to pass on a great deal of practical information that can be put to use when examining your organization's supply needs.   


A great price and a quality product can only go so far. It is because of this that we employ our own fleet of delivery vehicles.  This helps us to maximize the value of our pricing and quality products.  Our organization believes that without expediting your orders swiftly, other components such as price and quality, do not retain their cost effective functions.  We also allow the customer to customize their delivery schedules.  Whether the product is required the next business day or at a future date, our order desk staff can directly communicate with our fleet managers to make sure your shipment arrives on time.


How is it that VIC Safety can have your shipments arrive on time and complete?  Our purchasing department prides themselves on maximizing the value of its function so that we may translate its efforts into prompt delivery of the customer's needs.  The efforts of our purchasing department in depicting the future requirments of the customer allows our warehouse staff and delivery team to be able to carry out their functions with maximum effectiveness.  Our purchasing team considers the specific needs of each individual customer so that we are always stocked with the right product for those emergency situations.  It is without this team that our business model could not work.


Free Delivery Policy:  Every order with a minimum value of $100.00 qualifies for our free delivery policy.  For those orders under the free delivery amount, please ask one of our customer service representatives for freight prices to your area.


Return Policy:  VIC Safety Inc. will gladly take back all products that may inccur manufacturer defects or error due to processing within 48 hours of delivery.  All other products will be subject to a 25% restocking fee.  Also, products that are manufactured to the customers specifications will be deemed non-returnable.